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Thursday, February 12, 2009

5's In My Life

5person you love most
*my bestie [oshin, mimie]
*my frenz
*my family

5things in my bag
*SE W850i n Nokia 3100
*my pouch [purse]
*room's keys

5things you wish to have
*Apple @ Sony Vaio lappy
*Samsung dekstop
*Nikon DSLR 200
*Nokia N82
*mini iPod

5countries you want to visit

5songs you always sing
*mama aku ingin pulang - nike ardilla
*mengapa - nicky astria
*cintamu mekar di hati - may
*honesty - billy joel
*stay the same - joey mcintyre

5books in your collection
*malays novel
*gempak starz comics
*enid blyton's famous five
*text book 4 my stdy

5things on your table
*crystal gel

5things you love about your boy/girl
*can b a gud frenz

5things you love about yourself
*open minded
*cute n chubby
*a gud listener n advicer
*my life as Lynne
*me, myself n i.. jz me, Fadzlin Nur'Ain

5words you always speaks in a day
*kecoh la lue
*jom la g makan
*ap mslh ko ngan ak????
*rindukan abg..

5dates you won't forget
*10th April 1989
*6th April 1964
*16th July 1989
*9th May 1980
*13th Nov 2007

5 of your maniac
*shopping shoes n cloths

5 things you wish in future
*finish my degree n continue my master
*collect my own assets
*a steady career to support mylife
*travel around da world with my mama
*malaysia stop quarrel about politic!!!

5person you want to tag
*abg hyuuga
*kak mar
*abg am
*abg lanz

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