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Sunday, August 02, 2009

I Wanna 'Her' Back

I miss them. I miss him. I miss her.

OMG.. What i should really do.

Being a gurl, its not easy as we always get cheat on by guys.

N this not the 1st time me being like this.

I miss my oldself.

Passionate about future.

Love is one of the important thing in my life.

Always struggle to be the best.

But now, im losing myself.

Its like im not who i used to be.

I dont wanna change.

I wanna be my oldself.

I dont wanna the new me.

Stress bout those important thing.

Skipping classes.

Take to many paracetamol.

Eat too much.

All pf this is not me.

Please, can someone help me.

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