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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Special Award To My Friends

Ini entry sticky mode yea. Entry terbru ad di bwh entry ini. Hehehe...

To all my readers,
I kept writing in my blog, bcuz i know u where there. U r my frenz, n dis award is a special award to all of u. Feel free to accept it n post in ur blog.

To mimie n oshin,
Both of u r my besfrenz. As wut i said in da award,
'friendship lasting forever whenever u have faith in them'
same goes to me. I hav faith dat our friendship will lasting forever.
'connect ur friendship with love n laughter as they make ur life cheerful n friends make ur life meaningful'
i do love both of u even i never mentioned it live. Love n laughter with both of u really meaningful to me.

To all my frenz,
I love all of u... Even im not mention ur name 1 by 1.. But deep in my heart, i luv all of u. To engku, eiza, both of u still my besfrens...

p/s: dat love bkn broken hearted tau..its has their own meaning..try 2understand phrases at da bottom of da picture..
lots of love,
[Miss Eriqa]


flip said...

frens mmg pnting,,huhu

[Miss Eriqa] said...

btul tue..
kwn mmg pnting..
jgn lpe amik n post kat blog tau..