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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Nothing much to said bout this movie as it was really nice. Maybe to some of viewers, Sherlock Holmes can be just a movie, but for his fans, i think this movie was really nice. The plot won't be to heavy to understand. The way Robert Downey Jr plays his role as the Sherlock Holmes was really nice. It just feels like reading the books. But to be truth, i never ead the book. Hahaha... Anyone who can tell me where to get the books??? Anyone?? The tricks play by Lord Blackwood was really facinating as he was able to cheat the audience on how he perform his so called 'black magic'. Huhu... For overall review for this movie, click here. I give 4.5 from 5 stars. One of the worth movie to be watch for the beginning of 2010 [for those who watch it in 2010]. Or maybe at the end of 2009 [for those who watch it last year].

lots of love,
[Miss Eriqa]

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