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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movies Review

Lama gila aku tak update blog. Well, aku ingat aku nak update pasal movies yang aku sempat tengok sebelum and selepas aku berhenti kerja. Banyak atau sikit aku tak pasti, but then for me its too few to watch.

Well, bagi yang dah kenal aku, dorang akan tahu aku agak memilih dalam watching movie. So, listed movie downwards are the best movie to watch. Maybe one or two of it will be typical movie for some criticism but for me, they were nice.

Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter
Nice to be watch with kids and family as the story tell us about family relationship and how to appreciate the bond that link us being as a family.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
A great live-action movie from the best game I ever watched. Nice for those movie fans that love actions. CGI effects created is very nice as it exist in this world.

Lagenda Budak Setan
The Best Selling Novel lasting for 25 years old, which is equal to quarter of decade. Isn't it great? Now its has been adaption to a live-action movie cast by Farid Kamiland Lisa Surihani. Nice movie, but its too fast for Farid Kamil devil's action which suitable to the movie title.

Kecoh Betul
Comedies movie cast by Nabil Raja Lawak, Bell Ngasri, Apek.

I never knew this movie actually have its own cartoon and I just realize it when I was searching for the poster. Overall, the movie was fantastic as the dog, Marmaduke can talk. Movie is about Marmaduke trying to adapt with its new environment when they were moving from Kansas, a country side city to modern city at OC. One of great movie to bring kids to the cinema.

The Karate Kid
As far as I concern *so skema*, The Karate Kid was a film that has been produced few years back when I'm still young *I mean when I'm still kid* cast by Ralph Mocchio as Dre and Pat Marita as Mr. Han. But for the new version The Karate Kid, Will Smith's son; Jade Smith plays role as Dre, in a younger version from the old movie and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han. A lot of differences were find in this two movie as both of the movie were made at different time of decade. But take a look of them in different ways, ways of their own. It's a nice movie to watch.

The A-Team
For those who doesn't know what 'A-Team' means, it's mean Alpha Team which in other words they were the best team ever. Its was a remake movie from 80's TV series with the same title. Even though the cast for both of the series and the film were not the same actor, but all of them has shown their best shot. The movie was fantastic with the comedies and actions.

Sex and the City 2
First of all, it's not suitable movie for kids for Malaysian, but for those American teenagers, its just a normal things for them. The movie show us how friendship bond is still strong between four of them and also the beauty and luxurious life of Abu Dhabi.

Well, that's all for my movie review. Nak sambung tengok TV pulak.

notakebosanan:life di rumah, sangatlah membosankan....

lots of love,
[Miss Eriqa]

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