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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Untitled in Life

22 years ago, a girl was born at night. Having difficulties to deliver the baby due to size of the baby, but her mother was strong enough to make it happened. Thus, she still standing here in this world, watching the sun to rise, the rain to drop.

The girl was me. Today was my birthday, yet, I don't feel like to celebrating it. Birthday for me just another year, telling yourself that you are getting older, getting matured, getting more independent. Another year had come, adding the number of my age. Nothing special for my birthday. Nothing much to do.

Life as a student, I never felt the enjoyable of it. It just another task, anther path to take in order to achieve my dream. Yet, I met my BFF here. Friends that I can depend on, telling stories of my life, problems I need to faced, happiness that come in my life.

Who will remember my birthday?? No one I guess. There are people who will remember my birthday, thanks to reminder in FB and handphones. Every time the date come, I always thinking of people who honestly remember my birthday without any reminders. Is there anyone of your out there?

I never celebrate my birthday. Just wishes form friends and loved one. Sometimes, I felt so pathetic, letting someone know its my birthday today. I guess, I'm just nobody in their life. Yeah, I'm just nobody. Just a friends to chit-chat, a daughter, a sister to them. There is n o value of having me in their life. *yes, i'm a girl who had a negative thinking*

Well, don't feel like to continue typing for this entry. Just wanna wish myself,

Happy 22nd Birthday,
Fadzlin Nur'Ain @ Miss Eriqa
May all my dreams come true,
May happiness, joyful comes to my life,
May sadness, sorrow go far away from my life,
May Allah bless me always,
And last,
Thanks mama for giving me chance to see the world, to learns about life.
Thanks friends for cheering up my life.
Thanks sayang for being there at my side whenever I need you.
Love all of you.

lots of love,
[Miss Eriqa]

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